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My 2022 New York City Marathon Fundraising Page

Marina Smith

Marina Smith

Last June, I lost one of my closest friends, Lilly Kishore. Lilly was the most eclectic and compassionate person I ever had the honor of loving. While we grew up only 15 minutes apart with many mutual friends, our friendship developed through our commitment to lacrosse; during the long car rides to Richmond and New Jersey in Mrs. Kishore’s suburban, the practices we both resented and loved, and the endless high school milestones we conquered together. Throughout it all, Lilly had me keeled over laughing, her bubbling personality and profound individualism a consistent stream of optimism in life.

Lilly’s defining empathy extended beyond her personal connections; she had a ferocious dedication to the community, always looking out for those—people, animals, and environments—less fortunate. To #livelikelilly is to prioritize acts of service. In her honor, I applied and was selected to run for OneLove in the upcoming 2022 NYC Marathon.

When deciding what charity to run for in her name, OneLove was my top choice. I’ve participated in OneLove trainings throughout my college career on the Cal lacrosse team. We dedicated a conference game to OneLove every year, and my teammates and I were consequently well acquainted and passionate about the organization. More importantly however, both Lilly and Yeardley played lacrosse at the collegiate level through their four years, and my relationship to Lilly is intertwined with our lacrosse upbringing. I have seen how this organization knits the growing lacrosse community tighter, helping athletes find purpose beyond their sport. OneLove trainings are necessary to actively changing the narrative about relationship expectations, and normalizing speaking out for those in difficult situations. Today, more than ever, OneLove's message is invaluable to building self-confidence and advocacy in young adults.

Please help me support One Love Foundation by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance One Love Foundation's great cause! Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too.

Thank you xoxo!!


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