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Will Groot's Fundraising Page

Will Groot

Will Groot

Please help me support the One Love Foundation by making a contribution to my fundraiser! Every dollar I raise will advance One Love Foundation's mission of ending relationship abuse by educating young people about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors.

Thank you. :)


raised of $200 goal

Recent Donations

1. CSCasey And Caroline Stevenson
Happy birthday little bro! We admire how hard you work in everything that you do. Love you! Casey and Caroline
2. ASAlex Stevenson
3. CWCharlie Williams
So proud of you Will! Happy birthday
4. KSKevin Stevenson
Will - Happy 16th birthday buddy. I know how important this initiative is to you, so for your birthday I figured I’d give you a few bucks to support your efforts. You’re a great person, Will. Additionally, you are smart, athletic, handsome...but what matters most is the stuff inside...and you have plenty of that. Proud to call you a little brother. Have a great day today! Love, Kev
5. MGMommy & Daddy G
Happy Birthday to the kindness, sweetest 16 year old❤️
6. MSMarian Scalise
Happy birthday, Will! We are so proud of the young man you are. Love how you always are thinking of others.

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