Virtual Events

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Virtual Fundraisers

Do you want to support One Love's mission by fundraising but don't know where to get started? You can host your event virtually. 

Think small and keep it simple!
  1. Host a virtual workout class - Pick the class (HIIT, yoga, boxing, pilates, etc.), find an instructor, and charge a fee for an online workout!
  2. Host a virtual cooking or baking class - With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everyone is looking for inspiration to add to their meal. Send the ingredients and show your guests step by step how to make the perfect dish!
  3. Organize a Virtual Turkey Trot - Put on your running shoes and get moving. Encourage others to join you and log their miles for One Love! Ask people to support you by making donations per mile!
  4. Virtual Game Night - Charge a small fee and organize a trivia night, a scavenger hunt or good old fashioned game of charades.

Need help getting started with any of the events above or have an idea of your own? Email and we can help.