Yards for Yeardley

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Yards for Yeardley
Yards for Yeardley is a fundraising + awareness activation that’s designed to educate about One Love and inspire people to donate. We want you to help support the Yards for Yeardley campaign by signing up to do your own event at a school, in your community or on the field today!
How it Works: Track your yards (walking, cycling, swimming or any other physicial activity) and galvanize your community to join in the fun. 
How to Participate:
1. Recruit friends and family to participate.
2. Pick a timeframe. Most teams host Yards for Yeardley over the course of a month and most communities rally their community for a day-long event. You can do the same thing if you are tracking yards on your own! 
3. Pick a fundraising goal. Remember this not just about yards walked, but funds raised to support One Love.
4. Let One Love know you’re hosting a Yards for Yeardley event. Send a brief email to let One Love know the time, date and location of your event.